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We aim to provide meaningful experiences for individuals looking to become more involved in the 3D printing environment. 

As a member of 3D4E, you will have the unique opportunity to learn, design, prototype, create, and innovate. The only limit is your imagination. We thrive on interdisciplinary teamwork. In engaging new and diverse perspectives, we have found the key to collaboration and advancement in our communities.

We provide hands-on learning experiences, open access to our lab and printers, opportunities for internships with start-up companies, and the chance to give back to your community. Best of all, no experience is necessary. Join today, contribute, and build your own tomorrow!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Applause? Please direct your questions to our central email, general@3d4e.org. If you're interested in starting a chapter at your university, please contact 3d4enational@gmail.com.


April 17th 2020

"In April, 3D4E USC came together with other 3D4E chapters from UCLA, UCSD, and Arizona to showcase our designs from this year. Each team presented an extraordinary amount of creativity and innovation." To see for yourself, watch this recap video that Matterhackers made.




Freehand is a project within USC 3D4E, whose mission is to create customizable 3D printed prosthetic hands free of charge for children in need in the Los Angeles area. We work on a case-by case basis, fully evaluating each child’s need to provide our clients with the prosthetics best suited to them.

Our goal is to build a modular electric skateboard system that can be attached to a 3D printed skateboard. We started with a 3D model, and plan to add on electric components when all of the 3D pieces have been successfully printed out. When all of our parts work correctly, we hope to swap plastic for more durable carbon fiber. Catch us on campus cruising around!



MusicX was born out of love for music. While we were originally unsure as to how we were going to utilize this passion, the concept that music can be experienced in different ways became our driving point. Rather than focusing on an audible experience, we took a more creative approach by trying to represent music visually. This led to our decision to create a reactionary kinetic structure. Thus, the combination of 3D printing and music technology will result in an attractive audio-visual experience.



02  /  03  /  2020

Turn your 2D Drawings into an STL File


08  /  12  /  2023

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27  /  09  /  2023

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