How We Work

Below is a description of our club's process in designing, printing, and delivering. 



In our first meeting, we start off with an organization-wide brainstorming and ideation session. Then, we break off into teams based on areas of overlapping interests. This past semester, some concepts that came out of ideation were board games, musical instruments, medical applications, arthritis assisting devices, and more!


Here at USC 3D4E, we value originality and innovation. If you have an idea and a passion, we encourage you to share it and pursue it in a project!​


As members form teams and complete projects over the course of the year, the entire club collaborates to give feedback while each team gives updates on the status of their work. In the middle of the semester, we host a "Pancakes and Pitches" meeting, where we serve pancakes and present our projects, discussing our initial ideas, the current state of the product, and our goals for the end of the semester!


As a part of 3D4E, students will be taught to use 3D printers and will have access to: printers and scanners, lessons in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and advisement from industry experts. They will be part of a community of driven and creative individuals who are working to explore the boundaries of 3D printing. Our members are engaged, involved, and enthusiastic about discovering the limits of this innovative technology. They will have the opportunity to design their own projects, culminating in an end-of-year showcase that will exhibit their works to the public.

Social Marketing 

With our exciting projects and outgoing members, we strive to connect with others interested in 3D printing and with the other 3D4E chapters via social media. We also strive to USC of our club's activities. Check out our Facebook page:

Hands On Activities &
Interactive Designs

Our teams and projects are created so that each member can delve into 3D printing in a hands-on environment. We host CAD workshops to give those interested in learning to design the chance to practice their skills. We hope to see our members put these skills to work on their team projects and individual passion projects.


We strive to uphold the mission of the 3D4E as we encourage strong communication between general members, the executive board, professionals in industry, and others.

"Focused on communication, cooperation, and collaboration across all disciplines, each chapter guides its members through the basics of additive manufacturing to provide a foundation for 3D design and the realization of their ideas by utilizing 3D-printing methods."

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