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Join us & apply for membership today!

Applications to join 3D4E will open up soon! Fill out the interest form to get the applications as soon as they come out! In the meantime, join any of the club's open meetings held throughout the semester!

Next Application Period: Spring 2024

Be a part of the team.

3D4E is USC's 3D Printing and Design club. Students of all disciplines are welcome, and our mission is to provide an atmosphere for shared learning experiences through hands-on applications of 3D printing. As members form teams and complete projects over the course of the year, the entire club will collaborate as a group and give feedback while each team gives updates on the status of their work.


As a part of 3D4E, students will be taught to use 3D printers, and will have access to: printers and scanners, lessons in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and advisement from industry experts. They will be part of a community of driven and creative individuals who are working to explore the boundaries of 3D printing.


Members are engaged, involved, and enthusiastic about discovering the potential of this innovative technology. They will have the opportunity to design their own projects, culminating in an end-of-year showcase that will exhibit their works to the public.

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