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3D4E CAD Training

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

My name is Michael Bauer and I’ll be your tour guide through the wide world of computer aided design. In an effort to streamline the CAD training process for 3D4E, I decided to make this series of tutorial videos covering the most important aspects of Fusion 360, our designated CAD software. Whether you are beginning CAD from scratch or just have inquiries regarding specific tools, this tutorial series will be useful for answering any questions you might have.

Below is the first video of USC 3D4E Tutorial Series! The rest of the tutorial videos are located on our YouTube channel. Click here for the rest of the tutorial videos!

I hope to inspire you all to become designers as you follow along, expand your knowledge, and acquire new skills. Happy CADing!

Episode 1 :: Setting the Stage

In the pilot episode, I talk a bit about what CAD is, as well as the guidelines for this course. This makes this a great starting point for beginners. I also mention how to install Fusion 360 if you have questions about that.

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